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  • Dec6Tue


    Field Notes December 6, 2016 Tommy Roach, Director, Product Development & Specialty Products
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes

    Today is the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which thrust the United States squarely in the middle of World War II.  This day, along with many others, is one that will never be forgotten for many generations to come.  December 5th marked another day that we should not forget either; it was denoted as World Soil (#SoilDay) day.

    Soil is much more than something we walk on, dig up, or drive over.  It supports all life on “Mother Earth” which we depend on each day for growth, support, and maintenance of all creations (both living and non-living).  For the survival of all future generations, we must take care of this vital component and remember it is a living organism just like mammals, reptiles, microbes, etc.  The below diagram describes how soil supports all activities on earth.


    If we take care of soil to strengthen structure, health, and diversity, it will in turn take care of us.  Let’s all make this a priority in 2017.