NACHURS Liquid Fertilizers has provided generations of farmers continuous quality and support. Below are what some of our farmers are saying about the quality of a company that has been in business for over 70 years strong!

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Wyatt Harman


Testimonial: This crop has the largest root mass I have ever seen.  Between my dad, my uncle and I, we could eat 10 ears of sweet corn a piece.  The sweet corn this year was so sweet and delicious that we could only eat 3 apiece.

William Harman 


Crops: corn, wheat, beans 
1650 ac 
Products: InVigoron (sold by Growmark)

Testimonial: I bought from Steve to put on my rented ground where fertility wasn't as good.  Then used on some of my own ground and I liked the product.  It was easy to handle, no complaints.

Stamme Farm 

Otis, Colorado 

Crops: sunflowers 

Testimonial: The sunflowers, it was a perfect stand; they were the best we ever raised.

Robert Buldtman 


Products: InVigoron (sold by Growmark)

Testimonial: I used product on my planter as liquid starter.  I didn't have any problem with product in the pump or lines at all.  I saw a gain on acres where I used it.  I would recommend the product.

Robert Naylor
North Carolina

Crops: corn, wheat, beans
850 ac
Products: NACHURS 3-18-18

Testimonial: I like the low rates and available phosphate in-furrow which helps me have an even corn plant stand. I also like to [use] CornGrow TQ. Had row stopped-up and you can see through the whole season. I also used some [NACHURS playmaKer] on my soybeans.

Brian Lee
Four Oaks, NC

Crops: tobacco
Products: NACHURS 9-18-9-1, NACHURS 3-18-18-1

Testimonial: I looked for a product to add to my transplants water in tobacco that is safe and I have found it in NACHURS 9-18-9-1. By using 9-18-9-1 crop grew off faster and cut out one plowing which saves me money. NACHURS has great product.

Marcus Lee
Four Oaks, NC

Crops:  tobacco
Products: NACHURS 9-18-9-1, NACHURS 3-18-18-1

Testimonial: NACHURS 9-18-9-1 in transplant water is the only way to start your crop in the right direction and the foliar application will make a thick leaf and for me that means money.

Thanks, NACHURS.

Charlie Lee
Four Oaks, NC

Crops: tobacco
Products: NACHURS 9-18-9-1

Testimonial: My first time in using NACHURS in transplant water and corp start off and grew very quick and healthy.

RJ Hinnant & Son Farms
Kenly, NC

Crops: tobacco, peanuts, cotton, corn, sweet potato, wheat
Products: NACHURS 6-24-6

No question, NACHURS has products that will work on every crop from in-furrow to foliar. I like being able to place a true N-P-K in-furrow and it being seed safe. Right placement is the key to every crop.

Roberts Farms
Wilmington, OH

Crops: corn, soybeans
Products: NACHURS 6-24-6, NACHURS Zn, NACHURS CornGrow TQ, NACHURS CornGrow

We now have a much more uniform stand with NACHURS row starter.

Jonathan E. Scott
Mount Olive, NC

Products: NACHURS 9-18-9, NACHURS playmaKer, NACHURS Fortified Foliar

Best root growth and plant health which equals high yields.

Phillip Strickland
Clinton, NC

A fantastic product that gives plants an unrivaled start out of the ground. Delivers great early season growth and development.


Jim & Nola Skaar
Cottage Grove, WI

Crops: corn, beans
Products: NACHURS 9-18-9, NACHURS N-Rage, NACHURS playmaKer, NACHURS Fortified Foliar, NACHURS K-Thio

Going to the NACHURS in-furrow was a move I don’t regret mainly because I know the quality of the product will not hurt my crop and makes an excellent carrier for all of the extras in the marketplace. The foliar products are the best quality, also. NACHURS is a quality product company.

D & D Olson

Crops: corn, beans
Products: NACHURS 9-18-9, NACHURS K-fuel, NACHURS Fortified Foliar

I like the uniform emergence that I receive with using the NACHURS 9-18-9.