Our History

Nachurs Alpine SolutionsNachurs Alpine Solutions®, a liquid chemicals manufacturing company, is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality liquid starter fertilizers, other fertility amendments, and a variety of industrial products.

The Na-Churs Plant Food Company was founded in 1946 in Marion, Ohio. The Company formulated the first liquid fertilizer products that were available to greenhouses, nurseries, and to farmers who needed fast seedling growth in cool soils. The “new liquid” concept of placing starter fertilizer with the seed caught on amongst the American farmers.

70th AnniversaryAlpine Plant Foods Corporation was established in New Hamburg, Ontario in 1973. Over time, Alpine Plant Foods Corporation has established itself as the leader in the liquid fertilizer business across Canada.

In 1998, Na-Churs Plant Food Company acquired Alpine Plant Foods Corporation, to form Nachurs Alpine Solutions (NAS). Today, Nachurs Alpine Solutions is the leading manufacturer of quality liquid fertilizers in North America. Products are sold under the brand name of NACHURS® in the United States and ALPINE® in Canada.

While Nachurs Alpine Solutions primary business is selling precision placed, seed-safe starter fertilizers for corn, soybeans, and wheat production, we also formulate liquid fertilizer for canola, alfalfa, potatoes, sugar beets, lentils, and various other fruit and vegetable crops.

In 2000, Nachurs Alpine Solutions wanted to capitalize on asset utilization and raw material costs. NASi (Nachurs Alpine Solutions Industrial) was then developed to supplement its core agriculture business through the manufacture of a steadily increasing volume of industrial products. These products generally use the same raw materials as used in fertilizer manufacturing. The Industrial line has developed into a full business segment producing a significant percent of annual revenue. Today NASi is a leader in manufacturing potassium blends, runway deicers, and other industrial chemical products.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions has six manufacturing facilities: Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan; Corydon, Indiana; Marion, Ohio; New Hamburg, Ontario; Red Oak, Iowa; and St. Gabriel, Louisiana. 30 strategically located product depots are located across North America for customer convenience and pick-up. Many of our depots are located on the west coast in the U.S. and in western Canada to support our growing business in these areas.

Below:  The original NACHURS building in Marion, Ohio.

  • Jul18Wed

    Stress Control

    July 18, 2018
    The same thing that takes years off of your life can take bushels off of your crop.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to control it and sometimes you cause the problem all by yourself.   I am talking about stress.  We all know that the doctors tell us heart disease is stress related.
  • Jul10Tue

    Do you have an antagonistic soil?

    July 10, 2018
    Recently, I spoke with an industry expert that complained that all they really want from a soil sample is to tell them what nutrients to apply.  In a perfect world a farmer or consultant could do just that.  However, in the real world truly understanding how your crop will respond to fertilization requires much more than a lab-based fertility recommendation.
  • Jun28Thu

    Stimulating nutrient uptake with NACHURS Finish Line and how it works!

    June 28, 2018

    I know I've said so many times before efficiencies are not exact. Efficiencies are dependent upon environmental factors, moisture, temperature, physiological maturity of the crop, and the current health of the crop.